JULY 26 - Stacyville Brat Daze
JULY 26 - THEM 11th Annal Golf Tournament. See ad on Page 8
JULY 27 - Antique, Tool, Toy, & Household Auction at Spring Valley Sales Auct. Bldg. at 9:00 a.m.
JULY 27 - Meyer Tractor Ride, Meyer, IA. Tractors will leave at 1:00 p.m.
JULY 27 - Steeple Days in Lourdes, IA.
JULY 27 - Special Worship Service featuring Brad Boice (Elvis) at Trinity Lutheran Church in Ostrander. See ad on Page 2
JULY 27-30 - Vacation Bible School at Bethany Bible Church in LeRoy. Ad is on Page 2
AUGUST 1-3 - Riceville Wapsi Days
AUGUST 2 - Church of Cash. A Tribute Band to Johnny Cash from 4-7 p.m. in Riceville, IA
AUGUST 3 - Ostrander Fire Dept. Pork Chop Feed at Ostrander Community Center, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
AUGUST 3 - Ostrander Family Care & Rehab Pie & Ice Cream Social, 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
AUGUST 4 - Culpepper & Merriweather Circus coming to LeRoy, 5:30 & 7:30 p.m.
AUGUST 8-10 - Lime Springs Sweet Corn Days
AUGUST 16 - Absolute Estate Auction, 14576 State Hwy. 16, Spring Valley, MN.
SEPTEMBER 1 - Labor Day Auction at Hamiton Auction Co. in Dexter, MN
By Ginger Holm

Excitement filled the air as a crowd gathered at South Park to watch the Little Mr. & Miss LeRoy pageant. Six contestants vied for the honor and the right to ride in the 2014 Summerfest Parade.
The competition was judged on three criteria: attire, talent and question and answer.
First up were six-year-olds Emma Kelly and Camden Huntley.
Emma donned a patriotic red, white and blue ensemble, complete with sunglasses and white pumps. 
Emma was asked about her favorite hobby, archery, which she demonstrated as her talent. She retrieved her bow and arrow. With incredible marksmanship, she drew back on the string, took aim and released, sending the arrow soaring toward the target. Swoosh, thunk!
It wasn't a bull’s eye, but it was enough to impress the judges.
Next, Camden amazed the judges with some sleight of hand magic tricks. First he showed the audience an empty top hat; then, with a wave of the wand, Camden magically pulled a white rabbit from the hat. 
While pulling a rabbit from a hat is an old standard sure to please any audience, it was Camden's next trick that really demonstrated this young magician's talent.
Camden flipped through the pages of a book showing the audience the pages were blank. With a wave of his magic wand, Camden flipped the pages again revealing line drawings had magically appeared inside. A second wave of the wand turned the black and white drawings into vividly colored illustrations!
Next up, were the seven-year-olds, Samantha "Sam" Schrom and Carter Rechtzigel.
Sam and the other contestants didn't know what their questions would be. That's tough enough, but Sam, from Austin, was caught offguard when she was asked, "What's the best part about living in LeRoy?"  
Sam handled it like a pro, and only hesitated a moment before responding, "I am from Austin, and I like playing gymnastics."
(The question was supposed to be, "Where are you from, and what is the best part about living there?")
Sam wowed the audience and judges as she sang her rendition of a song from the movie Frozen.
Carter gave an equally surprising performance as he demonstrated his ability with a Hula Hoop.  He jumped up and down while twirling a Hula Hoop ‘round and ‘round his waste.
He even talked with audience members as he performed, never once in danger of losing his rhythm. Carter tried Hula Hoop at Cardinal Kids for the first time and said it just came naturally.
He said the best thing about living in LeRoy is going fishing.
The final contestants were Madalyn Huntley and Taylor McElroy.
Madalyn also wowed the audience with her Hula Hoop ability. She kept the ring swirling over her hips even as she knelt to the ground and returned to her feet!
Madalyn told the judges the most fun she had getting ready for the pageant was doing the makeup.
Taylor also thought doing hair and makeup were the best part of the pageant.
Taylor chose to sing a song from Frozen as her talent. She was dressed in a white princess dress, perfect for the number.
When the points were counted, Emma Kelly was announced Little Miss LeRoy 2014!
"I was very surprised when I won," she said. "It was exciting."
Before announcing the 2014 Little Mr. LeRoy, the judges gathered in a huddle whispering.  There was a tie!  Both boys had done very well, and the judges weren't sure how to handle a tie- breaker.
Finally, it was decided, Carter and Camden were both winners, and should share the honor.
Carter said, "I was excited [to hear] I was going in the parade!"
Judges for the competition were Margy Voss of LeRoy SLS House, Jerry Barber and Neil Vikre, Main Street Marketplace.

By Ginger Holm

A unique and colorful variety of plants and flowers were on display at the LeRoy Garden Club Container Contest, held over Summerfest weekend. 
“This is our 75th anniversary of the Garden Club, so we went with a patriotic theme,” said Garden Club President Donna Bhend. “The entries didn't have to be patriotic, but we thought it would be nice have some with red, white and blue colors, or if they put a flag on it—just something promoting our country. It is important to remember how lucky we are to live in the United States.”
Contestants entered the contest for the chance to show off their blossoms and enjoy a little friendly competition. They also had an opportunity to share ideas and gardening tips.
One of the most interesting entries was a miniature Victory Garden by Virginia Hagen.
"Back in WWII, the government asked people at home to grow these little gardens to help in the war effort," said Virginia. "So, I honed in on that theme and made a version for the contest."
Everything was rationed during WWII - including food! 
"Victory Gardens" were located on patios, in back yards and roof tops in cities where land for garden space was scarce, to help prevent a food shortage.
Planting in pots, like many Victory Gardens had been planted back in the 1940s, is a great solution for people like Virginia, too.
"I live in an apartment. I don't have the luxury of a big open space for a garden. So, I pot all my plants," Virginia explained.
For the contest, Virginia built the wooden box to display her Victory Garden.
"You can actually put this in a wagon and move it around, if you want more light or more shade," she said. "I have habanero peppers, sweet peppers, Roma tomatoes, cantaloupe, Brussels sprouts and some flowers for color.
"I have peas, green beans and onions at home in containers, also. They do quite well. It takes a little more effort on watering and watching, but other than that, they do well in pots."
Containers were judged on creativity, color, eye appeal, interest and patriotic theme or decoration. Three winners were announced and prizes were awarded. 
First place, for a $25 gift certificate, went to Georgia Eastvold.
Georgia entered white alyssum and blue and red salvia in a three-pot plant holder, featuring star ends on the pot holder.
"They are very simple plants that anyone can raise," said Georgia. "They can go in your garden or in a pot. The salvia would get much bigger if planted in a garden."
According to Georgia, these plants are annuals and very inexpensive. 
"I bought the little container about 15 years ago when Barb Billings had her little shop in town," Georgia added. "The pots came with it."
Judy Jasper won second place, receiving a $15 gift certificate.
"It's in the philodendron family," Judy said about her prize-winning plant. "It is a large-leaf plant. It's not going to flower, but it's the texture and color in the leaves that make it a beautiful plant."
Judy's plant is also an annual.
"It will stay until fall," she said. "They are very easy to grow."
Judy found the red, white and blue, boot-shaped pot in a collections catalog.
"I thought it was so cute, I bought one for the Basket Social and put a red flower in it, and it brought $50 [at the auction]. This one is mine. I have a garden at home and brought it out here."
People’s Choice went to Donna Bhend, who was awarded a $25 gift certificate, for her Fairy Garden creation.
"They are fun to have, because you have a lot of plants within a small amount of space," said Donna. "It's just fun to have all the little things and set up a little village with your fairies."
Donna's Fairy Garden is loaded with wonderful plants, like Irish moss and sea form rupturewort. In the middle is a plant called blue mouse ears, which is in the hosta family. 
An artillery fern grows in the back, and looks like a tree. There is a tiny bush, chamaecyparis, in the back that needs to be trimmed to remain small. Donna compared it to a bonsai tree. 
An autumn fern is planted in a tiny barrel, and another fern grows in an even tinier hanging basket. There are two fairies in her garden and a frog, to boot.
Donna has added a pond filled with water and two birdbaths. There's even a tiny outhouse hidden behind the tree!
Eventually, Donna plans to add stone to the surface and a stream of water running under the bridge.
The Garden Container Contest is sponsored by the LeRoy Garden Club, the LeRoy Commercial Club and the Treehouse, with the latter providing the gift certificates.
By Eileen Evans

Practically fell into an article Friday noon at Sweets when Rick Lamon introduced me to "his friend and fellow classmate" Gary Johnson, both attending one part of the celebration of the LeRoy High School Class of 1964 50th Reunion which had plenty to do the entire weekend. Rick had reason for Gary to 'fess up about when Gary had burned Rick's desk in a class and Rick was blamed for it and was punished for the deed of the burned desk. NOW, Gary wanted to tell all and after 50 some years, let everyone know it was Gary, himself, who had burned the desk, and not Rick.  
Gary explains, innocent as it sounds, that he was doing a scientific experiment with a magnifying glass and the sun hitting Rick's desk. But it was an English class! And of course he thought it was great fun to have Rick get blamed for it!
This seemed to be a lively class, yet or still, and they had invited Norman Hanson and his wife, Jan, as guests for this noon gathering at Sweets, Norman having been one of their teachers some 50 years ago, and now retired in LeRoy.
Dennis Moe had just presented each classmate with a special memory book he had compiled for this class reunion, he and his wife having traveled from Oklahoma. They enjoyed the three days of reunion activities as well as Summerfest and visiting relatives and were still at Sweets Sunday evening, catching up with themselves.
Apparently there was good representation of class members attending the reunion along with their spouses, and this gathering at Sweets was only the beginning of the three days which also saw them getting a tour of the LeRoy-Ostrander School District buildings that Friday morning before the luncheon. For the supper hour they were heading over to Eric Eastvold's to have a barbecue supper. On Saturday, the group was heading up to Lake City for a boat ride, and it was a perfect day for that gathering. Then on Sunday, they were gathering at the LeRoy Senior Room for visiting and sharing of stories and were all there waiting for the parade that went by that afternoon. It was another perfect day.
As for which classmate came the farthest for the big celebration, Paula Hanson made a deliberate trip from Washington State to be at the reunion, coming quite a distance, but she was beat out, so to speak, by Kenny Brownlow who spends his summers in LeRoy and his winters in Fairbanks, Alaska. Nobody mentioned a prize and nobody can figure out Brownlow's living system except possibly the mosquitoes are just a bit smaller in Minnesota!
Other local and area residents who said hello were Ruth Woltoff Harris of Austin and Dianne Ahrens of LeRoy. Surely a class picture must have been taken sometime during those three days of partying, so hopefully that picture will get into the LeRoy paper soon with all the names of those here for the reunion.
By Ginger Holm

While students are enjoying summer vacation, the LeRoy-Ostrander School Board is hard at work to ensure the school is ready for their return in the fall. The board met July 17 to discuss a host of pending issues in need of resolutions before the 2014-15 school year begins.
Jeff Sampson sat in on his first board meeting as the new Superintendent. Sampson's report was brief, with contracts for uncertified personnel at the top of the list. Uncertified staff members have not responded to the contracts, and Sampson plans to meet with them soon, to see if issues can be resolved.
Sampson also requested meeting one-on-one with board members to get better acquainted and get some ideas on what direction the board should go in the coming year.
Principal Aaron Hungerholt discussed progress on updating the school policy book. Most of the updates deal with issues of bullying. Staff will be receiving addition and ongoing training on dealing with bullying.
A coaches handbook is also being created by Coach Joe Kuechenmiester.
Hungerholt is still working on setting the dates for August staff days, Open House and school pictures.
"The only new thing we are adding is we are going to do a fourth and fifth grade orientation," said Hungerholt. "We usually just do sixth grade. We are adding three teachers for those two grades."
Hungerholt also spoke about the problem of concussions with sports and physical education. The staff will be taught about how to handle situations where a student hurts their head.
The board moved to accept the Dean Foods milk bid and Bimbo Bakeries (formerly Sara Lee Bakery Group) bid for bread.
The board reluctantly moved to comply with a federal provision which requires schools to increase lunch prices by at least ten cents. This increase will not affect free and reduces lunch prices. No other fees will be raised.
Personnel Items: 
Iliya Hoffert was hired as Band/Choir teacher. Jesse Frisinger was hired as High School Social Studies teacher and Jr. High Football coach. Chad Bundy and Katlyn Culhane were hired as custodians. Aaron Hungerholt agreed to his contract and will remain K-12 principal at L-O. 
Denise Kennedy was hired as SMEC assistant coordinator. LeRoy-Ostrander will be hosting her contract and the other schools within the consortium will contribute to the cost of her contract. 
The school board moved to gratefully accept the following donations: $3,000 from Ag Star for FFA; $742.22 from United Way for Preschool; $2,724.65 from L-O PTA for field trips and classroom Instructional supplies; and $96 from Minn. Historical Society for the sixth grade class trip. 
In other business, the board:
~ approved the minutes of the June meeting;
~ approved the Treasurer’s report as presented;
~ approved paying the bills.
The next regular meeting of the LeRoy-Ostrander Board of Education will be held Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.
By Marcie Klomp
Lime Springs Herald Editor

During baseball season, Elma has Michael Wacha (a boy with local ties) of the St. Louis Cardinals to root for. Now Lime Springs and area can say the same!
A few weeks ago, Jacob Peter, son of Win and Lisa (McCarville) Peter (now of Mason City) was drafted by the Chicago White Sox, much to the chagrin of his dad, who is a die-hard Twins fan! Other proud family members are his grandparents, Marian and the late Lloyd Peter, of Lime Springs, Linda McCarville, of Cresco, and Bob and Shirley McCarville of LeRoy.
Aunt Becky Pahl said, “His draft prediction number was 190 and he went 198 with the White Sox.”
Being drafted in the seventh round, Jacob left Creighton University at Omaha, Neb. after his junior year. Win said Jacob still plans to finish college, during two fall semesters. His major is marketing.
“He is now playing in the Pioneer League in Great Falls, Mont. It’s a rookie league team,” Win commented. All pro teams have six minor league teams, two rookie, two A teams, one AA and one AAA. The middle infielder (second/short) will have to work his way through the minors before getting a shot at the majors. 
Win and Lisa can take some credit for their son’s success. They both played ball in their younger years. “Softball. That’s all I ever played,” explained his dad. “I was in fastpitch and slowpitch. Lisa played softball in high school. That was the extent of our playing.”
They’ve had a lot of practice holding down the bleachers, though, as Jacob played as much ball as he could. He played on the Mason City town league and played lot of travel ball between ages 9-14. “He played a lot. He had a knack for it. He wasn’t always the best on the team but he was right up there,” Win said. That talent was able to get him a scholarship to Creighton. “I heard he was the highest draft pick to ever come out of Mason City,” said the proud dad.
Some of Jacob’s stats include being a 5’11,” 185-pound infielder. He bats left handed but throws right handed. He graduated from Mason City High School.
In 2013, Jake was invited to participate in Team USA training camp, named to the ABCA All-Midwest Region Second Team and All-Missouri Valley Conference Second Team and MVC All-Defensive Team.
He became the first Bluejay since 2006 to have two triples in one game, on April 21, in Creighton’s 9-1 win over Southern Illinois.
As pitcher, he was the first Jay since at least 1999 to open a season with nine consecutive appearances without allowing an earned run.
As a freshman, Jake started 56 games, 55 of those at second and one at shortstop.
At the high school level, he led his team to back-to-back state tournaments. In 2011, he earned first-team all conference, all-area and All-State honors with a 36-10 overall record. 
Also as a senior, he claimed the Cy Young, Silver Bat and Gold Glove Awards. His highest honor in high school was being named Player of the Year by the Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association (IHSBCA)
Jacob Peter is living the American dream. Look for this up-and-coming player on the roster of the White Sox in the near future.
You have to admit it . . . the LeRoy Summerfest celebration was a good one this past weekend!
The weather was nearly perfect and it seemed like everyone in town just wanted to have a great time.  There was definitely plenty to do all three days and if you didn’t get out, that was your loss!
To start it all off was the Talent Show on Friday night at the L-O School.  When it comes to entertainment, we truly are blessed with some great talent. 
There were some excellent acts with Bruce Speer and his daughter Autumn singing a song, an awesome dance routine by Amanda Ruggeri and Dr. Joseph Ray, among some skits, puppets and much more.  But the individual that impressed me most was watching Tom Miles play the guitar and sing a song about his deceased brother, Michael.
Getting up in front of a nice crowd attending, Tom showed his talent and skills in playing a tune in which he wrote the lyrics.  He was very masterful on the guitar, which I knew he took up playing, but didn’t know how talented he truly was. Once he started singing, a “country twang” came out of his voice in which he told his story about his lost brother, whom had overdosed a few years back. It was really a moving song that had members of the crowd in a somber, yet proud moment, in that the song also told how Tom had changed his life.
I know Tom had to feel really great about not only writing that tune, but being able to share it with the community.  From what I understand, he asked Barry Reburn and Chris Williams if he could play the song that night . . . I’m just glad he did.
On his guitar, he also had a photo of Michael, who was just such a great person that got caught up with something bad in his life.  He was an all-state football player, a state qualifying wrestler, an extremely hard worker, and just a great guy that’s very much missed.  
Again, thanks Tom for sharing your song.
Onward, upward!
I want you all to know I had a great Summerfest weekend. It couldn't have been better, but I do have one regret which I have to live with and it was my own fault. I only bought ONE piece of pie at the noon lunch and I should have bought TWO. I debated for minutes whether to take the pecan or the raspberry and the pecan won out, but I shoulda bought that piece of raspberry too. Guess I'll just have to wait until next year now.  I have to admit, that Pecan Pie choice is like an addiction and I just can't pass it up. It was so good! And so was the Walking Taco I had Friday night. I went away full of taco and ice cream and couldn't have eaten anything more. Loved hearing the people remark about never eating a walking taco before and finding out they were really good! The Lions first food project was successful and we were all pleased with the outcome. And I had a great time on the Lions float too, taking pictures of everyone along the parade route and throwing out candy. What a fun time! Besides the big stuffed Lion depicting our namesake, we had a variety of "live" animals helping us promote the LeRoy Lions. The live animals came as a surprise and  "bonus"  for the Lions who expected only an empty float,  but it was okay and who knew the difference! And we had our LeRoy Mayor Jennifer Gumbel riding along too, handling two roles, that of Mayor and as a LeRoy Lion. She looked great and could throw candy as good as anybody in the parade!  And the tail-ender Lions who picked up the garbage at the end of the parade ended up with two full garbage containers full of stuff that would have been on the streets and lawns possibly. The parade route was clean as a whistle after the parade was done Sunday afternoon. And I went down to South Park for that wonderful cold watermelon to enjoy with the music of the JJ Pickup Band, the Boy Scouts and the leaders doing a fine job of cutting and serving up tray after tray of the cold pieces of fruit. Sitting on a bench and spitting the seeds into the grass at South Park, my mind came up with the thought that maybe next year there would be watermelons in South Park! when the gentleman sitting next to me put that same thought in words, wondering if we'd find watermelon next year! We had a good laugh at the thought of it.
Again this year, I couldn't make every event of the three days, but I did enjoy the Windsor chop supper and took half of it home for later. And on Sunday, I heard nice things said about the Ecumenical Church Service in the Park. (Whoever was in charge of ordering weather this year can sure have the job for next year! It was perfect all three days.) The humor that Pastor Gary and Pastor Herman added to the service reminded me of when Pastor Tom and Pastor Steve were the Dueling Pastors of LeRoy and could put together a music program as well as tell some jokes too. Don't you remember? Well we have these two now who enjoy a good joke too but aren't musically inclined, but it's okay!
Other happenings over the weekend included the birthday celebrations on Sunday, July 20 when Mary Speer, Barb Kling, Dianne Lunning, all of LeRoy, and Karen Grass Schott of Pine River all had birthdays. Note worthy included the information that Barb Kling was born the same day America stepped on the moon. And did you know that Dianne Lunning and Karen Schott were born the same day, same year, 46 years ago? And now they are related! Mary Speer told me she ended up having two celebrations because after the parade all of Virgil's family members came up to the apartment  and had left for home just as Mary's children and grandchildren came to help her celebrate, so this was a big one for her. She didn't tell me how old she was and for once, I didn't ask! But she's probably old enough.
Recent news included the visit to LeRoy of Don and Janice Crowe of Conrad, Iowa, Sid and Martha Fister of Lyle, who then joined Don and Marge Olson and Pauline and Roger Fister for lunch at the Travel Lanes last Wednesday. This is an annual get together for the four couples. Pauline and Roger didn't think the Crowe's would be making the trip this year as Don had fallen from a ladder and broken nine ribs plus other injuries earlier this spring. Then, Isabel Vatne of Duluth and her son Bruce of Seattle, visited in Le Roy on Thursday. They came to do work on family grave stones and visited with friends also before returning to Duluth.
There were class reunions all over the place for the Summerfest weekend which is ideal, really for people to come back to LeRoy so they can enjoy all the events of the weekend as well as their own reunion.  I know there was the gathering of the 1964 class at Sweets on Friday noon and I don't know how many reunion gatherings held at Travel Lanes Friday and Saturday. Saw Brenda Gronwoldt sitting on the step outside of the Lanes Saturday night where all the bean bag tournaments were happening and mentioned to her that she must be tired of cooking for reunion meals. Well, she said," I can't believe how many we had but I still have one more later tonight", and that must have been for the LeRoy Class of 1994 who were celebrating their 20th class reunion that night.  I do know that when I got up Sunday morning, there was son Matt asleep on the couch so he must have made it to the reunion! Am hoping all the reunions took class pictures and will put them in the LeRoy paper some time soon. Everyone seems to have phone cameras so I don't try to get class pictures anymore. I always hated breaking up the gathering to get everyone to stand up, look good and SMILE!
My neighbors, Kathy and Dave Farlinger have moved from their house on Henry Street to their new house located just past the cemetery on the road which goes past the State Park property on the north side. The house came in four pieces and was put together and then painted, and now they are living in it. Brian Thiel has bought the Farlinger house and will use it as rental property, so we might get new neighbors there too.
And Cathy Payne wishes me to thank the person who stopped his car as he was passing the Payne home on Lowell Street when he saw her on the ground unable to get up even with help of husband Verlis. He came over and lifted her to her feet. She had tripped when her shoe caught something as she walked in the yard Saturday morning.  She didn't know the man, but she wants him to know how much she appreciated his help. She hurt her knee and her shoulder when she fell.
And now I'll go find some of my parade candy to eat. Found out parade riders are very generous at the end of the route, so I came home with a new stash, even cheese! And remember to thank God for all His blessings.
Prairie Visions president Becky Hartwig sent out word that everyone is invited to the Prairie Visions July meeting to be held Monday, July 28 at 6 p.m. at the Adams Park, rather than at the Taopi shelter as in other years. Since members of the Austin Bike Club as well as Austin's 20/20 Vision group have added their input into the Prairie Visions organization, they too are welcomed to this annual event. This gathering, Hartwig said, is to celebrate the final word that the Shooting Star BikeTrail from Rose Creek to Austin will be completed with state funds, the project already underway with the new trail coming out of the Austin Nature Center.  
As in past years, Prairie Visions members brought a potluck dish to share as well as their own table service with Prairie Visions providing the beverage. The same goes for anyone else who takes part in the potluck picnic. The shelter at Adams is large enough to accommodate a good  sized crowd or in case of inclement weather, it will still be okay.
Remember, potluck means it can be any kind of food, but enough to share with the others at the gathering. Anyway, that's the best word out unless we should get further word of any changes.  

Greetings from Ely, Minn., where it was one hot and humid day Sunday.  Sounds like SE Minn. will be cooking on Monday with the projected heat index.
We have had great weather most of this past week, and the bugs are alive and biting!  We had a gathering of friends of the Minn. black bear research and education over the weekend.  It's only a 350-mile drive for me to come here, but we had supporters from Germany and Spain, and several from England were here also.   
A reminder to Ostrander residents of the meeting about the Post Office scheduling changes to be held on Thursday, July 24 at 4:30 at the Community Center.
This is Uff Da Days weekend in Ostrander, so lots of activites are planned and posted around town.  The tractor pull is Saturday and mud bog on Sunday, with the Brad Boice Gospel program at 10:00 Sunday morning at Trinity Lutheran.  Hopefully, many of you will be able to attend some of the events.
Our sympathy to Jason Rice and his family on the passing of his grandfather. The funeral service was to be held on Tuesday.
A reminder to mark August 5 on your calendar for the annual Ostrander Community Picnic.  The day was changed to coincide with the National Night Out.